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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Remotely shutdown Outlook (Another IPhone hack)

I wrote about creating an Outlook rule to help out with IPhone / Exchange push issue. One thing I realized, is that sometimes, I leave the Outlook running after I leave the office. That breaks the Exchange push to the IPhone. I wanted to be able to shutdown the Outlook remotely.

  • Download PSExec from the Microsoft SysInternals suite (
  • Create a batchfile “ShutdownOutlook.bat with one line “c:\SysInternals\pskill Outlook.exe” (Replace c:\SysInternals\ with the path to pskill)
  • Create a rule
    • Process messages when they arrive
    • from “Your User Name” and Subject “Shutdown Outlook”
    • Start a Program “ShutdownOutlook.bat”

Now, all you have to do is send yourself and email with a subject “Shutdown Outlook” to shut down your outlook. I guess this can be used for other situations as well.

Update: Just corrected the command in the batch file. Originally had PSExec not PSKill (think one type the other)

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