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Thursday, January 22, 2009

IPhone Exchange push peeves and some workarounds

I am really impressed with my IPhone. I’ve switched to it from the old Blackberry Curve and now every time I use a smart phone without touch screen, it is VERY, VERY annoying.

There are however a few peeves that I have about its functionality. One of the main ones is Exchange Push connectivity. It works great when you only have an inbox, however, with multiple mail folders and server side filtering, IPhone does not receive notifications of the email in the other folders. This is definitely an IPhone issue, since Exchange push protocol fully supports monitoring of multiple folders. A minor Outlook rule made the Synchronization work the way I want it it.

  • Setup a client side rule that is applied to every email before it is processed. Mine is to display a notification box (Another Outlook issue is that if messages are moved to a folder in a server, popup notification will not be display!)

When I am in the office, my Outlook is opened, and messages get sorted into their appropriate folders. When I am out, the Outlook is generally closed. Since the client rule can not be applied, Emails will stay in the Inbox, and will be properly pushed to the IPhone. Once outlook is opened, emails will get sorted into appropriate folders.

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1 comment:

Jeff Fair said...

Just noticed the same problem with push of mail routed to other folders. Your client side rule works, but not for my setup. I would love to know if anyone else has discovered another way to solve this problem.

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