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Monday, June 29, 2009

Oracle Coherence SIG - Presentation and sample code

Oracle Coherence SIG came around. Excellent event. It was twitted live, so go ahead and search :

I spend around 30 minutes talking about using Coherence with .Net. First part of the presentation was on general Coherence configuration and setup. Second part was on more advanced use of serialization wrappers and LINQ to Coherence. People asked some great questions. I guess the one important point I wanted to reiterate is that you should not be afraid of using Coherence with .Net. It is a really great product. You will definitely get a lot of benefit out of the box with it. The wrappers I’ve provided will create some overhead, but that should be acceptable to many. Wrappers and LINQ are not a solution that will solve every .Net developers problem, but should definitely get you started.

I’ve uploaded the presentation and the samples (in 4MB large zip file).

Sample Files


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I’ll be presenting at NY Coherence SIG

I will be making a presentation at NY Coherence SIG on June 24th. Check it out.

Craig Blitz will be twittering live from the SIG.  Join us by searching for #nycsig on twitter.

Using Oracle Coherence in .NET Environment

Timur Fanshteyn (speaker bio) Technology Manager
Oracle Coherence can be successfully used in a Microsoft Window and .NET Environment. It can be a excellent media for connecting .Net and Java applications. It can provide .NET applications with a caching solution in front of a database server. It can even be used to provide real-time data to the desktop clients. All with minimum or possible no java coding.
The presentation will go through requirements of setting up Coherence .NET Client. Go through use cases and point out some limitations. We will focus on general data caching, object serialization (through POF), event notifications and LINQ to coherence.


  • Oracle Coherence for .Net Environment
      • Basic Setup and Configuration
  • POF Serialization
      • Serialization
      • Cross platform data transfer
  • Invocations, Eventing and Notifications
      • Using Coherence as messaging bus
      • Moving data to the desktop
  • Advanced .NET Integration
      • Attributes base serialization
      • Serializing Metadata
      • Linq to Coherence
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