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Thursday, October 08, 2009

I am here to help... really

“Why are these guys messing with my design. What makes them think they know better, especially since they don’t actually produce anything?!” As a developer, these are pretty often the first thoughts I used to say when I had to deal with an “Architect”. Now I hear them back. Am I really a Pig…. I certainly hope not.

I am making a reference to an excellent post “Chickens, Chicks, Pigs and Piglets”. My latest interaction with the business development team started out very much like that. It pointed to the problem with many non-business aligned technology teams (such as architecture). We need to prove to others that we actually help the their teams.

It doesn’t matter how good you are, how good your designs are, or how new your technology is. The only thing that counts is “does it help the other team deliver their product and to run it after delivery.” At the end, we are there to support the other business technology teams. It is an extremely important point to remember and to follow through on.

So back to my latest project. I think its back on track after extra effort on both sides of the table. The most important thing to remember: “Commitment to the project”. It is not the technology, or the ideology that should be the center of attention. It should be the project. As an architect, Only after you can show to others that you are there to help their projects, not to derail them by forcing them to go after “The Vision” are you able to successfully influence and deliver that vision.

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