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Friday, October 27, 2006

Google Video Search is on the main google page

I wonder if this is the result of the you-tube buyout, our they were just ready. But either way it is cool. Now nothing stops you from finding that video you were looking for :)


Sunday, October 22, 2006

Disable Security Warning in IE7

One of the new security futures available in IE7 is a warning to correct your security settings if they are not considered "Secure Enough"

Microsoft does not give a good way to disable a warning, and for a good reason. The warning can only be disabled via a registry setting usually set by the group policy.

Here's the setting:

Key: HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Security\DisableSecuritySettingsCheck KeyType: DWORD Value: 0x1


MSBuild Community Tasks

I've tried to convert some of the projects from using NANT to MSBuild process, however, the lack of available build tasks was always preventing my from converting any of the advanced scripts.

Now I stumbled upon MSBuild Community Tasks. It covers a lot of the tasks supported by NAnt or NAnt contrib projects. There are still a lot of things to be desired, however, it provides some of the key tasks to make project creation easy. Together with tasks provided by MSBuild, the functionality is very comparable to NANT combined with NANT Contrib. Very, very impressive.

Here's an important yet easy example: Autoincrement version number of the build:

  • Open the .csproj file in notepad or your other favorite text editor
  • Add import directive to the one that already exists in the .csproj file
  • <Import Project="$(MSBuildExtensionsPath)\MSBuildCommunityTasks\MSBuild.Community.Tasks.Targets" />
  • Uncomment BeforeBuld and AfterBuild targets located at the end of the project
  • Add Version task to the BeforeBuild:
    <Version VersionFile="version.txt" RevisionType="Increment"> <Output TaskParameter="Major" PropertyName="Major" /> <Output TaskParameter="Minor" PropertyName="Minor" /> <Output TaskParameter="Build" PropertyName="Build" /> <Output TaskParameter="Revision" PropertyName="Revision" /> </Version>
  • Add AssemblyInfo task to the BeforeBuild target
    <AssemblyInfo CodeLanguage="CS" OutputFile="AssemblyVersion.cs" AssemblyVersion="$(Major).$(Minor).$(Build).$(Revision)" AssemblyFileVersion="$(Major).$(Minor).$(Build).$(Revision)" />
  • Remove AssemblyVersion and AssemblyFileVersion from AssemblyInfo.cs file
  • Add AssemblyVersion.cs file to the project

Now compiling the project will adjust version number in version.txt, and use the new version in generating AssemblyVersion.cs

Easy and Extremely Useful

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Query ExPlus is out

Two main items the release

  1. Drag and Drop from explorer
  2. Automatic packaging of Source and Binary files.

The second item is requires installed MSBuild Community Tasks from

More on that later


Friday, October 20, 2006

Using IE 7 and liking it, alot

Now that Internet Explorer 7 is finally released, I've tried it again as my main browser. I'm using it, and I'm liking it.

The UI is a bit different, and it takes me a few seconds to find the new STOP button. The menu is also in a different place. The interface is nice and clean. The tabs are finally an integrated part of the UI, instead of an ugly addon from MSN Toolbar.

Really no complains so far.


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Query ExPlus 2.01 beta is out

  • Serious bug with saving list of connection strings is fixed.
  • Settings are now saved using .NET 2.0 settings API
  • help for command line arguments (-help)

Check it out at


Query ExPlus 2.0 beta is now on SourceForge

I've now officially merged code for the Query ExPlus 2.0 into the sourceforge repository. Look for the new release under

Here are some main highlights of the release:

  • Writen in .NET 2.0 - You will need Framework 2.0 installed as it is not backwards compatible
  • Code refactored to make it easier to extend
  • Support for command line parameters to automatically connect to the server
  • Copy data as CSV from the grid output is implemented

All new development is done on the 2.0 branch. I am not planning to backport new functionality unless I feel that it is very critical to the application use.

Please check out the source and the compiled appplication. As always, any comments are welcome.


Thursday, October 05, 2006

Back from Microsoft

The Microsoft trip was a blast. Great campus. Technology is everywhere. Very, very cool. I really liked the idea of providing every guest with a tablet PC loaded with OneNote. As you take notes or jot things down on the screen, everything is saved to a USB key chain. At the end of the trip, you take the key chain with you.

Some points from the trip:

  • It is all about the collaboration. People and applications share data, contacts, files, ideas, and everything in between.
  • Sharepoint is everywhere. It is the presentation server from MS. Every application we saw had a hook into Sharepoint.
  • Sharepoint will have a huge overhaul. It will now support extranet deployment. It will support a knowledgebase, mixed mode authentication, and is the content management solution.
  • Vista will be COOL. Great new technologies around performance, security and virtualization.
  • All server applications from Microsoft are designed from the ground up to be centrally managed and monitored. The idea is that with current technology, applications should manage themselves, or should be managed by other applications. But not by people. This idea is broader then just Microsoft. Microsoft is a part of the consortium behind Service Modeling Language
  • .Net - Well.. For one, there was once again a comment on ".NET 3.0 really should have been called .NET 2.5". It will be interesting to see how Microsoft responds to MONO. So far, it seems that Microsoft is discounting MONO as a viable .NET architecture. As far as Microsoft is concerned,  .NET means Windows. However, if the whole "Collaboration" idea is to work, it has to be beyond Windows.

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