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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Hard Drive Defragmentation

Recently my laptop had been spinning its hard drive a bit too much and I thought to my self "when was the last time I defragmented?" Apparently too long ago:


  • 36% fragmented files
  • 5% Free Space
  • Very red looking picture
  • Very slow drive access

I have Diskeeper Lite (a free version) - and ran that overnight. The picture became slightly better, but not quite what I wanted:


Its very hard to defragment the harddrive with less then 20% free space available. So after removing some old files, and freeing up some space, 2nd run was much better:


Running it for 3rd time did not help much, so for now I am leaving it at that.


Overall.... The machine definitely seems faster. Lesson: Defragment regulargly. I'll update the post in a few days to note if the performance stayed good.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hey Tim,
You should check out jkdefrag - set the defragger as your screensaver and represents your disk graphically as it goes. This keeps you from forgetting to do it.

Also, won't overdefrag - there are options to prevent defrag if it has happened too recently.

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