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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Working with Java (pure Java)

Last couple of weeks I was writing a lot of code for a Proof Of Concept project. Having to switch from my "native" C# to Java brought out a very interesting experience. Here are some high lights

  • Java is not as evil as it might seems at first. - It is fast, clean and has LOTS and LOTS of libraries and tools available to support your work.
  • It is very possible port logic from GOOD C# code to java code. I am talking about server side code, not WinForms. The development style is very similar. The APIs and Frameworks are so similar, that often the difference in code is only the casing of the function calls.
  • Eclipse Rocks! - So far, I've worked in eclipse, and am totally loving it. One one hand it is a very easy to understand UI with great support for development. On the other hand, it has more options and variations then any other development tool I've ever seen. I wish someone would have adopted it for .NET development.
  • Some things I still don't understand and / or miss. For example - Properties definition instead of using Getters/Setters. Ability to write services. I am still not sure how to run Java daemons in a Unix environment, but for Windows they have to be wrapped into 3rd party tools.
  • It seems that Garbage Collection is implemented better in .NET. I've never had to worry about maximum and minimum heap sized, or freezes within my application for GC run. It seems that those are often the topic sand concerns of the Java world. I've hit the "Out of memory" exceptions on multiple occasions so already. The only time I've ever received one in .NET was with a recursion bug.

Overall. The experience of writing in a different language is excellent. It gives you a very different (and often the same) perspective on software development. I probably would have the chance to learn a new language if I can't apply it, however, if there is a way to apply a new language - I would say - Go for it.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey Tim - You know I love to noodle around in other languages.

I'd really recommend you take a look at Ruby or Ruby on Rails.

I was particularly excited about how they do overloading and the database migrations.

There is a lot more to pick up framework wise than in a transition to java - but I think its very enlightening to get such a different perspective.

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