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Friday, April 03, 2009

Glad to have my IPhone back

My IPhone didn’t work this morning, so I wound up using a loaner Blackberry. Now… I’ve used a blackberry for over 5 years before my IPhone, and the interface didn’t change much. However, switching back was definitely an eye opener. Let’s just say I am glad my IPhone is back in business.

What I’ve learned:

Pro IPhone

  • I can type just as fast on the IPhone as I can on the blackberry. Since the IPhone “keys” are actually bigger, I even like IPhone typing more then blackberry typing.
  • I miss all the additional apps that I’ve installed on my IPhone. And they are not available on the blackberry

Pro Blackberry (I really wish IPhone had these)

  • Battery Life – It keeps going, and going, and going. Last time I charged it was 2 days ago. And it still has 2 out of 5 battery bars left
  • Blinking red light tells me I have new emails. I can see that from across the room.
  • EMail Shortcuts (T – Top / B – Bottom / U – Unread email)
  • Some additional email functionality – Mark all as read. Delete All Older EMail (from blackberry)
  • Quiet mode – The IPhone has only Sound and / Vibrate. Blackberry has multiple settings.
  • Brick Breaker – Spent 45 minutes playing it on the bus. I miss it.

At the end, I am glad that I have my IPhone back. Blackberry is a great business device, but a mediocre consumer accessory. I wish IPhone gets a better batter life and a few EMail / Calendar improvements.

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

Is there REALLY not a brick breaker equivalent for the iPhone?

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