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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Customizing SCSF Guidance Package for Modular Development

One of the requests that I've received from other developers is the ability to use SCSF for developing a module without including the shell in the solution. We develop a large number of modules independently in different groups and having the shell be a part of every module was getting to be a problem.

The only issue that I was getting with getting this to work was that SCSF guidance package would fail in ViewTemplateCS when I would right click on a folder and tried to add a new view to the project.

To solve the issue, I was made a small tweak to the source in the ViewTemplateReferenceCS.cs. (The code comes with the SCSF, however, you will have to install it separately after the SCSF is installed) The culprit is the function ContainsRequiredReferences(Project project) Specifically the call to ContainsReference(project, prjCommon.Name)

Since the common project is not in the solution, the call failed with Null Reference exception. All I had to do was to change the last line of the function to be ContainsReference(project, "Infrastructure.Interface"); Then recompile the GuidancePackage solution and place the Microsoft.Practices.SmartClientFactory.GuidancePackage.dll into the C:\Program Files\Microsoft Smart Client Factory\Guidance Package folder.


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