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Tuesday, July 18, 2006


This is a list of the utility software that I have running on my development desktop

Windows Utilities
Toolset from SysInternals A requirement for system management. Process Explorer, Event Viewer, File Monitor, Registry Monitor, etc...
UltraEdit Trully great programmers text editor
Notepad++ Another great text editor - OpenSource and Free
FireFox Sometimes I feel like IE, some times I don't
WinMerge Great file/folder compare tool
SlickRun A nice, small, and very usefull Quick Run utility
Console Command Prompt Enhancer
TaskSwitch Pro Free ALT+TAB Replacement
PowerToys for XP PowerCalc, Tweak UI, etc...
CygWin toolset Unix utlities (includng XWindows) on windows
FolderShare Syncronize and access your files across the internet
WinDirStat Drive / Folder usage statistics with a nice graphical view of the used space
Windows Live Writer Blogging utility that from Microsoft. Quickly becoming my favorite
VMWare server Virtual Server software for VMWare
Daemon Tools Open any ISO file as a virtual CD drive
PureText A small utility that removes markup from clioboard text. The result is the same as pasting into notepad
Development Utilities
Reflector .NET assembly viewer
PowerShell .NET Command Line Processor
NAnt Build Script Processor
NUnit Unit Test Framework
NDoc Help file generator
NSIS Nullsoft Scriptable Installation System
MSBuild Community Tasks A colleection of MSBuild tasks. Many of them are so great and usefull, that should have been in included with MSBuild from the begining
Snippet Compiler Compile and run .NET Code snippets
CoolCommands VS Addin Add lots and lots of cool commands to the Visual Studio menus
Subversion Because it is a real surce control that happens to be free
TourtoiseSVN Because it makes my source control work in windows, the way every source control should
SQLPrompt Intellisence for SQL Editor. This really should be a part of the microsoft SQL tools
mtail Free graphical tail utility
LogParser Command line tool that lets you run SQL queries against a variety of log files and other system data sources


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