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Friday, June 10, 2005

A Bug, is a bug, is a bug

it is interesting how the more computers enter our lives, the more software bugs effect us. Computers are everywhere now, and I am not talking about the deskktops or laptops that we use, I am talking about everythng from Cars to appliances that we use in our daily lives. No matter how different those 'computers' look from the desktops and laptops, the software running on them is still the same software.... just as buggy. Here are some examples: My DVR slows down to a crawl after about two weeks of continuous operation. My MP3 player stops connecting to the USB port and requres a 'reboot'. There are old jokes on what would happen if cars would be designed by Microsoft. I don't think it's really Microsofts fault, however it is disappointing, that the reach of computers advanced, howver, the quality of software decreased. I understand that the complexity increased, however, you can't argue that since our cars are more complex then they used to be, they should crash more often...


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