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Thursday, November 25, 2004

Here's to changing the world...

Finally, the first step....

Not sure this will change the world, but hopefully will start a project that will be helpful. I've just uploaded an initial version of the C# Match project to

C#Match - C# Pub/Sub Matching Engine. Support for multiple operators, XML subject line, efficient matching algorithm.

The project started as a pub/sub framework that I had to do for work. I was unable to find any available matching engines, and had to write my own. After a bit of research on the efficient matching techniques and a bit of development, C# Match was born.

I want to take the matching engine to the next level. Make it more generic, add multiple operator support (it now support only equality). When the project is a bit more stable.

I am always looking for people to help out, so if you can dedicate a bit of time to code, look at my code and make comments/sujestions, or even provide moral support and spread the word...


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