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Sunday, July 18, 2004

10 Ways to make your code more testable

There is a definite movement towards ideas of extreme programming. Not all ideas can be easily implemented, and arguably should not be implemented. However Extreme programming is definitely something to look at.

One of the basic principles of Extreme Programming is Test Based development.". The idea is simple, you write a test for the function before you write the function to do the actual work. At the end, you end up with a set of tests that test every part of the functionality. Utilizing applications like NUnit you can keep running tests through out the development cycle, and you know you did not miss anything, and every part of your application STILL works.

Considering how important it is to write unit tests, knowing how to do it properly is critical.

Read the article below for some help on the subject. 10 Ways to make your code more testable TheServerSide.NET - TSS Article


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